Erie County Treasurer | Erie County, Ohio
Caleb Stidham

Caleb Stidham was elected to the office of Erie County Treasurer on November 3, 2020. He was born and raised in Huron, graduating from Huron High School. At that same time, Caleb graduated with an Associate’s Degree from Bowling Green State University – Firelands, making him the first Huron student to graduate high school with an Associate’s Degree. Caleb went on to graduate from Miami University with a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree simultaneously.

Caleb worked for several elected officials including Representative Steve Arndt and Senator Theresa Gavarone and now runs a public affairs consulting business. Additionally, he served on the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Erie & Ottawa Counties, where he helped lead a substantial restructuring process to benefit consumers and taxpayers. Caleb fought reckless spending, while fighting for additional investments to support the recovery movement in Erie and Ottawa Counties. Also, he successfully led the fight to provide vital funding for local law enforcement while on the board. Caleb also serves on the Solid Waste District Policy Committee of Erie County, where he advocates for expanding recycling services.

As Treasurer, Caleb is committed to representing the interests of Erie County taxpayers. That means advocating for an efficient and accountable county government that keeps taxes low and spending under control. As chief investment officer, Caleb manages more than $100 million through safe investments that provide a good return to Erie County taxpayers. Additionally, Caleb serves on the Erie County Land Bank Board, where he is working to make our communities safer and more prosperous through the demolition of dilapidated properties.

Caleb can be reached at (419) 627-7701 or